Lake District Holiday Cottages 

The cottages in Lake District are ideal for couples planning to go on a romantic getaway or large groups scheduled to tour the park for more than a week. The Lake District cottages offer an intimate and self-serving option for those who want privacy, but still receive the same facilities they can find in luxurious Keswick hotels.

A splash of heritage: The great part about staying in these cottages is that most of them have been in the park for decades, so you’ll experience living in an age-old cathedral or a castle-themed cottage. The architecture of cottages is so unique since most of them are built from stone and dates back to the 18th century and the early 19th century. Most cottages in Lake District are designed to reflect the heritage, so whether you’re staying on a 100-year-old cottage or a recently built one, you will definitely experience the homely appeal with European and Victorian culture mixed into the interior décor.

Spacious and filled with amenities: Most cottages are spacious enough to hold a party and since you can even enjoy various amenities, such as DVD players, internet connection and satellite television, you don’t have to worry about keeping your guests entertained.

Pets are welcome: Unlike hotels and other luxurious accommodation that have rules in catering to pets, most holiday cottages in Lake District allow pets; so if your dogs or cats are part of the family, you can bring them along with you throughout your vacation.

Self-serving: Since there is usually a fully fitted kitchen available in cottages, you are free to cook your own meals whenever you like. However, most cottages are located just a few blocks from local restaurants and other food establishments if you’re looking for locally brewed ale, wine or beer and authentic local food.

Picturesque backdrops: Of the 600 cottages available in the Lake District, majority of them stand in fully landscaped locations with amazing backdrops. If you’ve brought a camera along, you’ll be overwhelmed with the pictures once you’ve developed them.

Activities within close proximity: Many cottages are located near restaurants, pubs, art galleries, theaters and campsites. You can also participate in a wide range of Lake District activities, including mountaineering, trekking, mountain biking, sightseeing and plenty of water sports and air activities. Many travel companies offer Lake District tours with or without guides to enjoy these activities safely.

Some cottages offer discounts for amenities or tours all year-round, while others are available seasonal. You can try to get Easter hotel deals, but nothing will compare to staying on cottages at Lake District – not only can you get a reasonable rate for a longer stay, you also get to experience the natural beauty of the park first hand.



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