Lakes Tourist Guide: Exploring the world-renowned Lake District!

Lake District offers one of the most diverse activities available in the world. Things to do in the Lake District range from land activities, such as mountaineering, paintballing and strolling, to air activities, such as skydiving and hot air ballooning. If you don’t know yet, the Lake District is one of the favourite spots of water sports enthusiasts who just can’t get enough of Windermere canoeing, paddling and river rafting, among other the dozens of water activities available. If you’re planning to visit the Lake District, be aware that the area is perfect for:

Adventurers looking for an exhilarating experience: The Lake District tours are geared towards the adventurer in you, so if you’re looking for a great place to experience a set of extreme sports, such as skydiving, snowboarding and white water river rafting, you’ll be overwhelmed by the options available for you and your friends.

Couples looking for a romantic getaway: When you’re planning to propose to your girlfriend, there’s no better way than to spend a Lake District romantic weekend and pop the question in one of the secluded areas with jaw-dropping backdrop in this majestic place. Celebrating an anniversary can be sweeter if you’re spending a night at the lakeside with the one you love.

Families looking for an all-around destination: Cruises, paintballing, hot air ballooning, cycling, fishing, bird watching and Lakeland shopping are some of the activities that you can do as a family. If you’re travelling with kids, be sure to visit the South Lakes Wild Animal Park and the Superbowl in Barrow.

Photographers looking for stunning backdrops: Lake District is a haven for photographers as most natural sceneries and establishments found in both busy cities and secluded areas are just picture perfect. You’ll be overwhelmed by the objects you can take pictures of and be blown away by the results.

Nature lovers looking for a new spot to explore: Lake District National Park has some of the best awe-dropping natural sceneries perfect for nature lovers. You can sleep on touring caravan sites in Lake District to enjoy the great outdoors first hand, or you can just pitch a tent on the foot of the mountain; the choice is up to you.

Each area in has its own Activities Centre Lake District that helps tourist book accommodation, schedule guided tours, lead them to the best local restaurants or pubs and even set events like weddings, parties and other customized activities. Each area of the Lake District offers something unique, but one thing remains the same – wherever you go, you’ll be greeted by warm and friendly locals that adds to making your trip to Lake District one of the most memorable vacations you can possibly have.

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